Here are a few ideas for securing your wireless WiFi router:

  • Changing the SSID on your router -- This will make it harder for people to identify your router and any known security issues it may have.
  • Disabling the broadcasting of the SSID -- This will hake it harder for people to even detect that there is a wireless connection available.
  • Changing the routers default password -- Even the most junior hackers know the default passwords for routers from each manufacturer.
  • Disabling remote access to the router -- This won't prevent PC's on your network from accessing the router, just people on the Internet. The only time you might want this enabled is if someone you trust needed to make some changes remotely from the Internet.
  • Using strong WPA2 TKIP +AES  encryption -- No encryption lets anybody and everybody access your network. Weak encryption takes very little time to crack. That being said, if someone is going to go through the trouble of trying to break through your security measures to access your network, they must know what they want and there probably isn't much that will stop them. However, most people can't be bothered. Just don't leave the security of your wireless network wide open.
  • Enable MAC address filtering and add each wireless devices (notebook, computer, smartphone, printer, iPod, game consoles, DVD player, etc.) to the list. Doing this will make it more difficult break into your network unless they can also figure out the unique address of the network card. Each Ethernet network card in the world has it's own unique address. These addresses usually look something like 6F 4D 93 4A 1A BB.
  • If your router has a Guest feature, set it up and note the password somewhere. With that password and the name of your wireless network, friends and visitors will be able to access the Internet without having access to your network. Great for when the kids bring their 'wired' friends over.

On a side note: Although not really a security related tip, try to set the channel of your WiFi router to one which is not used in your neighbourhood. This will make communcations more reliable and you'll get better performance.