Have you ever been told "If you want to be successful, you need to…"? I know I have certainly been at the receiving end of this friendly advice. But are people really trying to tell you how to be successful? Might they actually be saying "If you want to be what I consider to be successful, you need to…". After all, who better to decide what success means to us that we ourselves.

Next time someone tells you "If you want to be successful, you need to…", ask yourself if taking their advice and being like them or anyone else will really make you feel that you are successful in your own eyes. Think of anyone famous, or even better yet, someone you admire. Do you feel a connection or admiration for them because they do their best to be just like everyone else or because they are different?

We are all unique and all have our strengths and it is these very characteristics that are our greatest strengths both for ourselves and for our word.

Step up and make a difference in the world by leading your life, not by anyone elses standards but by what you believe in. Listen to what others have to say, take what makes sense to you. Use this information not as a standard for your life but as a foundation upon which to build and grow.

Life Coach Michael Milette
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