Before I even begin, I have to ask, are you even clear about what your goals are? If your goal is something like to have more money, it's back to the drawing board for you my friend.

Think about it for a moment. If your goal is "to have more money", once you have more money, you will not have achieve your goal because it is still going to be "to have more money". Your brain is pretty smart about these things. Perhaps the reason you don't currently have more money is because your brain knows you can never actually achieve that goal.

On the other hand, if I were to state that my goal is to "make $1,000 and I will do it by…", your brain is going to start thinking "Hey, wake up. Look over there… instructions! This makes sense and looks feasible. Let's do it!"

"But what if it doesn't work out Michael?" I'll tell you, there is at least one of these people in every bunch. But seriously, this is a great question. Fortunately it comes paired up with a simple answer. What do you think? I'll even make it multiple choice for you:

a) I'll give up, go back to crawl under your rock and live in my blissful ignorance of my success.

b) I will wallow in my failure and attempt to gain as much sympathy as possible from everyone around me.

c) I will celebrate and learn from what I accomplished, even if it wasn't my intended result. I will then look at what worked and what didn't, fine tune my plan and try again. I will then keep repeating this process until I achieve the results I want. I am also not afraid to modify my desired outcome in the process when it makes sense to do so and not when it is just for convenience sake.

Let me give you a hint. As a coach, I work with people who who are committed to succeeding.

In ancient Greece, there are stories about how generals would burn their ships upon landing on new territory they wanted to conquor so that retreat was no longer an option. That is what resolution truly is. When you eliminate all options for giving up, only then are you truly committed and guaranteed to achieve the results you want.