You've come up with a great idea for a product or service. You've even gone so far as to make it real and available for sale. It's something that you really believe in and the idea of making it available to others gets you really exited as it is something that everyone should want. In addition, you have a great professional looking website up and running, and even have a shopping cart and on-line payment processing to make it as convenient as possible for your client to buy from you. You are listed on all of the popular search engines and even applied Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your website. It would seem that you are doing everything right. Checking your website logs, it's obvious that you are doing everything right as there are many people are visiting your website.

The problem is, people aren't staying on your site very long nor are they buying your products or services. What could you possibly be doing wrong?

The problem is that people won't buy from you because they understand what you want or feel. People will buy from you because you understand how they feel. Becoming your own first customer will help you see through your customers eyes. As a consumer of other products, I know you have the ability to see this from a consumer's point of view.

So you need to ask yourself, is your website telling potential clients what you want or what how your solution solves their problem.Think about it. Food solves our hunger, clothing keeps us from being cold, wet or embarrassed. "Comfort Food" isn't just some random phrase someone came up with.  Cars avoid us having to walk, drinks quench our thirst, courses allow us to do things we didn't know how and tools allow us to do things that we could not otherwise do with just our hands. A roof keeps us warm and dry, and alcohol makes us believe we feel better and less inhibited than we are ready to admit.

Some research suggests that including a ratio of 80% fear of pain and 20% looking forward to pleasure in your advertisements is an effective communications strategy when marketing.

Ultimately it doesn't really matter what your costs are. What is important is the value perceived by your potential clients. If your perceived value and your prices are too different, clients will become suspicious and most will pass on your offer.

Sell people on the idea that your product or service will enable them to feel the way they want and people will be happy to open their wallets to you.

Here is a link to a short video (about 5 minutes) which you might find helpful and to be meaningful to you: