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  • CopyText -- Allows you to copy text from applications
  • ClipName¬†-Filenames to clipboard


Have you ever wished you could easily copy the contents of a combo box or a list box? If so, check out CopyText 2.2, a freeware utility which allows you do do just that.

It may appear to be a rather complex little piece of software that does next to nothing at first but glancing though the installation procedure in the Readme.txt file will get you up and running in no time. Specifically you should pay close attention to the crutial step regarding creating a shortcut and shortcut key.

CopyText does 3 kinds of things:

  • copies text to the clipboard from listboxes, comboboxes, menus, text labels, window captions and other widgets;
  • searches for text in all of the above, to let you either select found items, or copy them to the clipboard;
  • performs some nice tricks with windows: enable, maximize, move, change size and location, rename, put on top, show or hide.

Download CopyText


ClipName is a Windows Explorer extension that allows you to copy file names by right-clicking file and using the context menu to copy one or more filenames to the clipboard. You can choose to copy of multiple filenames as a space separated list or as a CRLF separated list with UNC folder path or without. It can also URL encoding and MS Word style encoding for Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, etc. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download ClipName