10. Buy some glow in the dark stars from the toy store and arrange a special message on the ceiling above your bed.
9. Change the screen saver on the computer to a scrolling romantic message. Highlight the message and change the font to wingdings or other another character font so it has to be decoded by your sweetheart.
8. Use ice cold Kool-Aid in a squirt bottle to write a loving message on a snowy lawn or roof.
7. Carve hearts in your love's lunch box fruit so they will appear by noon time.
6. While your love is in the shower, put their towel in the dryer for a few minutes so it will be toasty warm when they step out.
5. Gently scratch his back or brush her hair for a full five minutes before falling asleep.
4. Use Rain-X anti-fog (used to keep car windows from fogging up) on a cotton swab to write a message that will mysteriously appear on the bathroom mirror while your sweetheart is showering.
3. Use chalk to write a welcome home greeting on the path to your front door.
2. In your own voice, record a short book, fairy tale or poetry on tape for your partner to listen to on the way to work or when they are out of town.
and the number one way to be romantic is….
1. Draw a dozen or more silly pictures of memorable experiences the two of you have shared. Outline in a black marker and then have the pages copied and bound on heavy paper at a copy shop. Give with a pack of crayons.
By the way, if any of you need some snow or ice for suggestion #8 below, please let me know. The retail snow business last year was slow and my driveway, lawn and backyard were overstocked. Being first year in the snow business, I suspect I may be marketing the stuff all wrong. This coming winter I will gladly ship some of Canada's best white stuff out to you direct from the Nation's Capital as long as you are willing to cover the costs of shipping. Please indicate the amount you need in whole pounds only please. Also note that an extra fee will apply if you want it in a waterproof container.
Check out http://www.TheRomantic.com for a hundred more romantic ideas