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Clearing the Cache in Your Web Browser

Web Browsers keep copies of non-secure web pages you visit on your hard drive and in the memory of your computer. They do this to improve the speed at which pages are displayed since there is no need to go back… Continue Reading →

iPhone Tip: Change Fahrenheit to Celsius

While most settings on the iPhone can be found in the Settings app, one that is missing seems to be a way to change the display of temperature in the Weather app from Fahrenheit to Celsius or Celsius to Fahrenheit…. Continue Reading →

Scripting your Videocast Software Demo Presentation

Not sure what to say? While you don’t have to read your script word for word, you’ll always look more professional and credible if you go into your video production prepared. Here is a sample script to help you get… Continue Reading →

Creating Screencast Videos for your Website and YouTube

Wish you could make video tutorials? Want to create a video for your webinar of your Powerpoint presentation? Camtasia Studio screen capture and video editing software is what you really want! But what if you can’t afford to dishout $300… Continue Reading →

Recovering Windows 7 Sticky Notes

I’ve been using Windows 7 Sticky Notes for several years now. Today I accidental deleted one of my sticky notes. If this happened to you, you may be able to recover your note using one of the following methods. Make… Continue Reading →

Preventing Firefox from Re-opening My Tabs

Upon starting it up, FireFox will by default reload all of the tabs that were open at the time that FireFox was last closed by using its built in Session Restore feature. You can change this start up option in… Continue Reading →

Productivity Tip: Add www. and .com to any web address instantly

Did You Know? If you just type “google” (or any other web site name) as an address in your web browser, it will add the http://www. before and .com after the word when you press CTRL-ENTER instead of just ENTER. Bonus… Continue Reading →

Windows Logo Key Shortcuts

Ever wonder what the Windows keys are for on your keyboard? Here are a few of my most often used favourites: Windows: Display Start menu. Windows + B: Set focus to the taskbar Windows + Break: Display system properties dialog… Continue Reading →

Virtually the Future in Computing

Have you see the demo video for Project Natal? Artificial intelligence has been coming for years now. Many people thought it would be mainstream by now. Maybe it is behind closed doors. Although the AI component of Project Natal is… Continue Reading →

Adobe Acrobat Links to Developer Resources

To enable the JavaScript Debugger for LiveCycle Designer ES Inside the Acrobat Javascript SDK (about 1 hour) Javascript for Acrobat Developer Centre Strategies for Debugging PDF Javascript PDFScripting.com AcroDialgs — A better Javascript Dialogue Box Designing Tool

Android Quick Tip: How to Take a Screenshot

Did You Know? With most smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later, you can take a screenshot by simply holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for about 2 seconds. You’ll see a little animation… Continue Reading →

iPhone Quick Tip: How to Take a Screenshot

Did You Know? You can press Power button and the Menu button at the same time to take screenshots. You’ll find the image saved automatically in your camera roll.

Using ZIP files in Windows

Creating a ZIP file: Simply click once to select the files or folder you want to put into the ZIP file, right click and select “Send To” and then “Compressed (Zipped) Folder”. The ZIP file will be created in the… Continue Reading →

iPhone Tip – Message cannot be displayed because of the way it is formatted

Here is an iPhone Email Tip that will hopefully save you some frustration: When reading your email with your iPhone, have you ever got the following message? “This message cannot be displayed because of the way it is formatted. Ask… Continue Reading →

Be more productive in Word with Keyboard Shortcuts

Statistics show that people who use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse to click on toolbar or ribbon icons are not just a little more productive but much more productive. Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint,… Continue Reading →

Useful WCAG 2.0 Tools and Online Resources

This is a list of free web development tools and resources to help you ensure accessibility on your  website, regardless of whether or not you decide to take it all the way to WCAG 2.0, Section 508 or your countries favourite flavour… Continue Reading →

Online Manuals

Here is a list of useful manuals Content Management Systems (CMS) / Websites Website Baker WordPress Programming Languages CSS HTML Javascript PHP vbScript

My Computer Has Viruses. Is There a Trick to Getting Rid of Them?

<< NOTE: References to some anti-virus application in this article need to be updated. >> Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Rootkits – there are many ways that a computer can get infected. Not all of these are viruses. Some are classified… Continue Reading →

FAQ: Updating Your WordPress Blog or Website

Note: Although this article talks about WordPress, most of the concepts are applicable to any Content Management System (CMS). Why Install Updates to WordPress? Keeping all of the components of your website up to date is generally a good idea because… Continue Reading →

Computer too old and slow? Get a free performance upgrade today!

There are many people out there tossing perfectly good electronics into the trash every day and don’t even realised it. Unfortunately for the environment, the cost of labour has reached a point where people are throwing things out not realizing just… Continue Reading →

Problem: I can’t open PDF files in Internet Explorer (solution included!)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you click on a link to a PDF file in Windows Internet Explorer and nothing happens? While I am not sure what causes this problem, here are a few solutions that… Continue Reading →

Excel Tip: Turning a batch of text URL’s into hyperlinks

Have you ever had an Excel spreadsheet full of web addresses that were not clickable? Pressing F2 and ENTER is good enough when you only have a few, but when you have dozens, hundreds or even thousands, this can become… Continue Reading →

Search only a specific website using Google

Did You Know? You can tell Google to only search a specific web site by entering your search text in the following format: your keywords to find[a space]site:www.thesitename.tld Bonus Google Tip #1 Want to see which pages on your website have been… Continue Reading →

Want to make a great impression by email? Read this first.

Need to make a good impression when sending out an important email? Send it to yourself first to see what it will look like. Many people don’t realize that some email programs, like Microsoft Outlook, are notorious for sending out… Continue Reading →

TIP: Quick Email to Yourself

Set up an e-mail address in your address book with “Me” as the nickname and your own e-mail address. That way you can easily add yourself when sending out an e-mail or even just testing an e-mail by sending it… Continue Reading →

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