Did You Know?

You can tell Google to only search a specific web site by entering your search text in the following format:

your keywords to find[a space]site:www.thesitename.tld

Bonus Google Tip #1

Want to see which pages on your website have been indexed by Google? Enter the same as above but without the keywords:


Bonus Google Tip #2

What to check out which websites are linking to yours? Just change the word "site:" above to "link:":


Bonus Google Tip #3

Looking for translation of some text from English to French but aren't happy with the results of Google's Translation Service? Take advantage of the fact that the Government of Canada has gone through the trouble of translating all it's websites into both French and English.

Go to Google and enter your English terms as follows:

English Words[a space]site:gc.ca

Find your English word on the page and remember where it is. Then click the "Francais" link at the top of the page to see the French version of the page. You should be able to find the same context on the French page. This method does require that you be able to read and understand French of course.