One of the situations where you shouldn't use Chrome is when you want to get a snapshot of the HTML for the purpose of copying and pasting it into the W3C Markup Validator.

When it comes to viewing the source code, Chromes HTML viewer works a little different than the viewers in Internet Explorer and Firefox. It's more of a live HTML viewer. In fact it submits a request and displays a response from the web server each time you refresh the HTML Source view. In addition, Chrome will sometimes add additional markup.

It's also not the most reliable viewer. I once came across an HTML issue where two characters disappeared from the HTML source code on a particular page. If I added any characters before that line of HTML, even just spaces, the missing characters miraculously came back. This was definitely a bug with the source code viewer because I could see that the characters were being received using the Chrome Developer Tools Network Sniffer to view the raw HTML data.

I've also had cases where Chrome's viewer displayed Aria tags that were definitely not sent to the browser from the web server.