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Best Time to Ask for a Testimonial

When do you ask your clients for a testimonial? For the longest time, I used to wait until I was finished working with my clients. At times, was even days or even weeks later. Most of the time my clients… Continue Reading →

Using Website Feedback as a Marketing Campaign

Sometimes we don’t realize what is good or bad about our website. To ensure your website meets your clients needs, seek a fresh perspective on things. I’m sure you would hate to discover a few months down the road that people… Continue Reading →

More Telephone Script Examples

NOTE: If the customer says YES they will meet with you at any point in the conversation, set a date and time, and be sure to confirm the spelling of their name, title, company name, address and email address so… Continue Reading →

What do I do when a potential client tries to brush me off?

Talking with Potenial Clients (Part II) Sometimes a client will ask you about you before you get a chance to learn about them. Be honest. Let them know that you are in the process of establishing your __________ business and… Continue Reading →

What do I ask when I have an information meeting with a potential client?

Talking with Potenial Clients (Part I) The following list of questions is designed to lead the clients to where you can clearly tell whether they are really ready for the services you have to offer. Tell me a little about… Continue Reading →

How to Request an Information Meeting?

The best approach is to prepare some telephone scripts. If you will be speaking to people in more than one language, spend some time working on a good professional sounding translation. Here are a few examples: Example Telephone Script #1 Hi,… Continue Reading →

I feel like I am boring my potential clients

After visiting potential clients for a while, you might start to feel like you are getting boring. This will happen if you are trying to sell yourself instead of being genuinely interested in learning about your clients business. Here are… Continue Reading →

Where do I start marketing for my new business?

Your past customers are not limited to customers you have dealt with in this particular business. It can actually be anybody you have dealt with in the past: Friends, Colleagues, Family, former employers, people who have dealt with you in… Continue Reading →

Book Yourself Solid – Solid Marketing Strategies for Service Based Business

Have you read Michael Port’s book entitled Book Yourself Solid? This book is specifically designed to teach small service based business owners how to increase the number of their clients. In his book, Michael describes 7 core self-promotion strategies. The… Continue Reading →

Your Support Circle

[Note: needs more info] One of the important things to do when you are in business by yourself is to build up your support circle. This can include: Connectors When you market to a potential client, you end up with… Continue Reading →

What do I do? A potential client misunderstood my business offer.

Don’t be hard on yourself. You are a business man/woman and he/she is a business man/woman and the two of you simply had a miscommunication. You could talk yourself into believing that you were a fool or you can say… Continue Reading →

How to determine if a client has a budget for my services?

The funny thing about a budget is that you can sometimes create a budget out of thin air even when there wasn’t one. People tend to often find money for what they want and not have money for what they… Continue Reading →

Impress Your Clients With Your Amazing Memory

An important part of building your business is building relationships with your potential clients and maintaining relationships with existing clients. Most people appreciate it when you seem to remember things about past conversations. It makes them feel imporant and heard by… Continue Reading →

Creating a marketing pamphlet

Here are a couple of article on how to effectively prepare and evaluate your marketing pamphlet: Effective Brochure Design: How To Create Brochures That Get Action Take the 5 Minute Brochure Design Trash Test

Job Finding Facts

Not all strategies are equally effect at producing results and job searches strategies are no exception to this rule. I came across some interesting job finding facts in the book “What Color is Your Parachute?” 2010 US Edition. The worst… Continue Reading →

Marketing: It’s all about who you know and who knows of you

Whether you are looking for a job or want to grow your business, your best bet is still going to be all about who you know and who knows or has at least heard about (not just of) you. Social… Continue Reading →

Generating Leads that Convert into Sales for your New Business

[note to self: needs to be better organized, shorter, clearer and straighter to the point] You’ve got the business facilities, the business cards, the pamphlets, the shingle above your door, your email address, website, telephone, computer, letterhead and  a means of… Continue Reading →

Business Card Tip: What do you do with someone’s business card?

Do you know anyone who has a stack of business cards in their office which probably haven’t been touched since the day each of them was received? Perhaps you even know this person intimately? People exchange business cards for one reason… Continue Reading →

Business Card Tip: Giving and Receiving a Business Card

One thing that I have noticed that people seem to appreciate is the Chinese way of exchanging business cards.  This is a slightly modified version of the official etiquette but one which I believe makes for a good compromise and… Continue Reading →

Business Card Tip: Don’t use Black or the Back

I don’t recommend putting anything on the back of a business card because it’s a place where people write notes. Say for example, someone asks you for a price to do something, or the name of a company that does… Continue Reading →

SEO: Search Engine and Using Keywords

Search engines work like a democracy. Each link to your website is a vote in popularity. Another great way to get links to your website is to give people the option of LIKEing your pages and/or blog posts to their… Continue Reading →

Creating Content for Your Website

The following guideline should be used for adding content to your website. This will not only ensure that your content is of higher quality, it will also help drive traffic to your site: [  ] Produce a draft – Introduce… Continue Reading →

Want to make a great impression by email? Read this first.

Need to make a good impression when sending out an important email? Send it to yourself first to see what it will look like. Many people don’t realize that some email programs, like Microsoft Outlook, are notorious for sending out… Continue Reading →

Memorable Website Addresses

Did you know? You can actually use UPPERCASE letters in the address of your website. For example, www.MichaelMilette.com. Not only does it make your website address easier to read on business cards, stationnary, invoices and even websites, it will make… Continue Reading →

What type of font is the best on a business card?

That depends. I normally like to stick with the basics — Arial or Times New Roman — because they tend to come out pretty much the way you had inteneded. If you choose some other font and the printer doesn’t… Continue Reading →

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