Everyone feels fear at some point or another. Even the bravest souls in the world feel fear. It can be paralyzing and prevent you from accomplishing the things you want to do.

While most people think the trick to overcoming your fears is to simply ignore them, the feeling of fear is actually our brain's way of protecting us so that we will survive. This instinctive feeling has been instilled in us over thousands of years. However, in today's society, many of these fears are unwarranted and often completely unnecessary.

Did You Know? TV doesn't help us deal with our feelings at all. It just numbs them temporarily.

Here is a 5 step technique to help you overcoming your fear.

Step 1: Think about the experience of the fear that you have. Notice where you feel your fear, where in your body it feels uncomfortable. Is it in your stomach? Your chest? Your throat?

Step 2: Let go of the desire for this fear to go away. Feelings are there for a reason and need to be acknowledged and felt. When you try to ignore them, have you noticed that they just keep coming back?

Step 3: Focus on that part of your body and give it your full attention. Allow it to breath, give it love and attention. Acknowlege it and accept it for doing it's job well. Send it waves of love.

Step 4: Give it time. All your feelings want is to be acknowledged and felt. Notice the resistance and give it total and complete acceptance. Be grateful that your mind and your body has the ability to give you such a message and appreciate it for that.

Step 5: Notice how you feel about  the fear and the situation. If you don't feel better, work through it. Follow the feelings. Don't trap it. It's going away is a side effect of what you are doing.

You will find Joy on the other side of fear.