Top 6 Business Card Design Mistakes

There are two points in time when your business card will be of most use to people you give it to: When you first give it to them. First impressions are an opportunity that people give you to make a lasting impression. If you don’t make the cut in your first encounter with a potential client, you’ll have to work that much harder. Your business card is no exception and it needs to look professional. Anyone can print a business card on their home ink-jet printer but someone who is committed to their business is more likely to have gone … Continue reading

Changing Your Facebook Profile Photo

Changing your profile photo on Facebook is pretty easy but the option is a little hidden. Start by editing the photo. I’ve made some photo editing tips available to help you optimize the quality of your profile photo. Once you have your photo ready to be uploaded: Log into Facebook Hover your mouse over your profile photo. If you don’t see a button appear called Edit Profile Picture, click the photo and try again. Click the Edit Profile Picture button. Click Upload Photo… Choose the photo from your computer and click OK. … Continue reading

Do You Have a Mailing List Yet?

Do you have a mailing list? If not, you should be including this as part of your businesses marketing strategy. It’s a great way to keep in touch with clients and to keep you in mind. You can even tag people on your list to identify which are existing customers and which are potential clients. If you are just starting to think about setting up and building mailing list for your business, MailChimp is a wonderful place to start. You can use it to send out out newsletters, promote your free and paid events and best of all, it’s free for up to … Continue reading

Interpersonal Skills That Can Change Your Life

Want to improve your relationship with your spouse, children, employer, employees, customers, strangers or even yourself? It’s not complicated. Stop focusing on yourself! Start seeing things from their perspective. The following are the cornerstone interpersonal skills to master that can change your life include: Attentiveness: Making eye contact, listening without interrupting and accepting nonjudgementally the other person’s inherent world. Acknowledgement, Appreciation: Noticing the others efforts to be helpful or nice and commenting on them positively. Empathy: Recognizing other’s circumstances, imagening what they must be like, acknowledging in a respectful manner how they must feel. Think about someone with whom you are having … Continue reading

Promote Your Church Using Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, QR Codes, Email, SMS

The church is one of the most socially connecting groups of people in the world. They meet each week, sometimes even twice a week and are connected through all forms of social connections such as email, telephone, mail, social networks, gathering, study groups and more. It is just natural that Social Media and the church sounds like a match made in heaven. However, the truth is that churches need to start taking risks and using tools such as Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter to establish connection points with the people they want to reach or help.  Just don’t let it take … Continue reading

Some Interesting Web Stats – As of February 2012

I compiled some interesting world stats recently and here is what I found: Most Popular Search Engines For most of the countries on our priority market list, Google is BY FAR the most popular search engine. However there are three countries that are exceptions: China: Baidu South Korea: Naver (North Korea is very Google) Taiwan: Yahoo was first last year but is now still in a fairly close second place. Source: StatsCounter Global Stats Most Popular Browsers The browser wars are on and three browsers are high in the running. Despite the fact that Safari is in fairly distant third, … Continue reading

WCAG 2.0 – The 4 POUR Principles and 12 Guidelines

Over the past few years, the issue of accessibility on the web has been heating up. Companies all around the world are being sued because their website is not accessible to everyone. In 2009, the Word Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is the main international standards organization for the web, published the second version of their Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) in order to address concerns. Today, businesses and governments around the world are moving to apply WCAG standards. For example, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ontario and U.K. are leading the way as they move towards or have achieved … Continue reading

10 Simple Content Creation Strategies

Where do you get your inspiration when writing articles for your newsletter, your blog or even for publication on websites? Here are a few of my favourite content creation strategies I use when the proverbial idea well runs dry. Have you ever read an article and though to yourself “my clients/blog readers would love to know about this”. It happens to me all the time. While copying and pasting someone else’s article verbatim is bad form not to mention illegal, notice what was important to you in their article and write about it from your perspective. You can always refer to … Continue reading

Creating Your Profile Photo for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

You’ve decided to join the Social Media revolution — Welcome dear friend! So how do you make a profile photo that will look good? The secret is to ALWAYS work with a copy of the original photo! Photography & Cropping Quick Tips Professional headshots look best when the person is in the centre of the photo, with the eyes about 1/3 of the way from the top and the bottom of the frame around the middle of the chest. Never cut a photo on a joint such as a neck, elbow, waist, wrist or knee if at all possible. Most people … Continue reading

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

So, you’ve got your shiny new website up. Congratulations! However the analytics show that almost nobody is visiting your website. You are monitoring traffic to your website, aren’t you? If not, add Google Analytics to your website. If you aren’t sure how to do this, hire a professional web developer and make sure that “professional” not only sets you up with a system to monitor traffic on your website but also spends some one-on-one time to help you understand what the results mean. There are two ways to approach the challenge of increasing traffic to your website: Tactical and Strategic. A … Continue reading